“Before us lies eternity; our souls are love, and a continual farewell.”



It’s been one year since I started this blog. Apt that I began it on Valentines day and love seems to  have dominated its content for the past twelve months, but what about today, one year on, where am I? Who am I? I am numb. Removed from reality.. self destructive? I know there’s a world out there that I don’t suit. I see so many people there that can’t possibly grasp this complexity, me. All who come to me pass on, and all I touch seems to sit stagnant. Have you ever felt a fire in your heart? Blue hot flames in your mind and yet you are powerless to express them, to heat the world you know so desperately needs your warmth.



All I thought I knew is changing, all I believed is breaking down with love and struggle. I no longer know black and white, blurred is wrong and right. I watch the shelter of my life fall to pieces as the earth spins faster still and my soul sits stunned. Where am I? Who am I?


All I know is love..


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