“The funny thing about forever, is it comes with a side of never, never.”


I was dreaming of another world where words were true and hearts were truer. A time when all that was said was meant and all that was promised, became. This is not a place like that. Life is transient and flows like the river, ever rippling and changing with the currents of those we meet and lose. I lost him long before I knew, long before I cared to admit, but the miracle of our condition is that,



love has a way of renewing your heart in an instant, giving it a purpose and longing so strong it seems as though it has never been broken. His renewal came before the pieces of my heart had reached the ground and my soul shook, quivered quiet in a corner as I learned of my loves transgression to unrequited…

Now I wish him love. I wish him joy and a deep resonating peace, one which he did not give me nor me him.

This is the point of no return as burning hearts refuse to be warned, and each of ours will burn with new love tonight. 


As painful as this chapter of my life has been I am grateful for the gathered knowledge that no matter how excruciating, how nonsensical it seems in the moment, God’s plan is always right on track. I have been bruised and I have been broken and I have returned here with invigorated faith, we say goodbye to say hello



One thought on ““The funny thing about forever, is it comes with a side of never, never.”

  1. Sean

    Beautiful, beautiful, heart-aching.
    Great sweet mystery,longing,seeking,striving,waiting,yearning!
    Hope springs eternal.Love is an illusive and priceless gift

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