Art, Architecture and Awesome Music!!


I spent last night at the opening of a wonderful new exhibition by Anthony Haughey named Citizen. Hosted in the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, I was at once struck by the architecture of this beautiful space combining it’s early 19th century roots as the former Drogheda Franciscan Church and Friary, with elements of the building dating further back such as the former Franciscan burial crypts and it’s modern renovations including the open plan display rooms and a new floor at the height of the old church balcony. Suiting this stunning space perfectly was the equally exhilarating exhibition itself, telling the tale of citizens or rather none citizens as they exist in the space between their countries of origin and the countries within which they seek asylum and or a better life. Focusing upon the borders and no mans land where these people face the reluctant hosts alongside whom they long to settle, through interactive video, photography, instillation and text Haughey reveals the heart wrenching journeys and struggles of many different nationalities searching for one of their most basic human rights, a place to live in peace.


Following on from a fabulous location and a fascinating exhibition you would think that things couldn’t get much better culturally speaking, but culture was to raise the bar once more in the form of The Notas.


 A six piece indie band formed in 2010, consisting of talented musicians from Pakistan to Nigeria, France to Zimbabwe, The Notas performed an acoustic set that left all reeling in awe at the dulcet tones of excellent musicians and the velvet vocals of their lead singer.

A three fold recommendation I urge all to visit the beauty that is the Highlanes Gallery, to delve into the depths of Haugheys inspiring exhibition and to become an avid follower of ever talented ever amazing The Notas!!

For more information please see below:

Highlanes Gallery:

Anthony Haughey: Citizen

The Notas:


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